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Contributions are very welcome in this repository, there is no need to be toxic about anything, and everything is open to discussion. This includes but is not limited to features, requests, bugs, and even help requests! Nothing will mostly go stale unless there are some technical limitations/blockers, but it might take time due to life.

State of Open-Source

Open source takes time and nobody should cry about something that is a personal choice, but we all know that if anybody ever complains about it is because of toxicity. Please be kind to anybody that provides you with a library, application, and lots of documentation free of charge, this is how the community progresses forward.

Contributions are Welcome!

Contributions from all skill levels of fellow programmers are welcome.

You can always propose a new feature or a bug request and improve documentation, examples, or tests. There are no strict guidelines for contributing but following the general ones would force consistency.

Donations are Welcome!

Even though I know nobody even cares, and this library is mostly hidden in tools that you use on a day-to-day basis, this is mostly a one man show, and donations are always welcome through the provided sponsor links.

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