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Manager is a great way to create a custom-tailored Listr class once and then utilize it more than once.


You can find the related examples here.

You can also find a real-world use case here.


@listr2/manager is an optional peer dependency. Please install it first.

npm i @listr2/manager
yarn add @listr2/manager
pnpm i @listr2/manager


The idea of having an additional task manager is to create a higher-order factory to create Listr on demand with always your options. This allows you to not store your options as variables that you inject every time you create a new Listr but store it in a stateful Manager where you can initiate as many Listr task lists as you want.

It can alternatively be used as a single-task list for ongoing actions where you can add more tasks as you like. This is also possible through Listr but not as convenient to do.