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listr2 supports only modern node.js environments, since it is mostly intended for CLI applications, but can be used as a task list in any application.

  • listr2 supports both esm and cjs modules for now.
  • You need a supported node.js version, end-of-life versions are deprecated and not supported.

Supporting Multiple Node Module Structures

At some point, the support for cjs will be dropped in favor of keeping up with the node.js ecosystem. This will of course be done through a major release.

But now also taking into hand my current situation of depending on mostly cjs only libraries, I do want to keep the cjs version as everything slowly migrates to esm.

Given the latest changes on ts-node, jest, and ts-jest allowed us to move everything in the repository to esm. This enabled the repository starting from version >= 6 to use dynamic imports for anything that is using an esm module. So from that version and upward, everything should be up to date with the upstream of the dependencies. So keeping the cjs version does not hinder us from updating the given packages.


  • We have to bundle two instances, which doubles our distribution size.
  • The community is moving to pure esm modules. sindresorhus who is the maintainer of many-core npm packages (cheers! ) has to lead the movement with the deprecated node.js 10 support. You can read more about it here in his post.