There are four main renderers which are default, simple, verbose, and silent.

The default renderer is the one that can be seen in the demo, which is an updating renderer.

If the environment advertises itself as non TTY it will fall back to the verbose renderer automatically. Verbose renderer is a text based renderer.

It uses the silent renderer for the subtasks since the parent task already started a renderer. But silent renderer can also be used for processes that fall back to have no output but just a task list. With silent renderer, you can just use the listr as a task list and use your own logging system.

Renderer Options and Per-Task Renderer Options

Renderers can have global options where it is set through rendererOptions and per-task options where it is injected inside the Task as options.

Depending on the selected renderer, rendererOptions as well as the options in the Task will change accordingly. It defaults to default renderer as mentioned with the fallback to verbose renderer on non TTY environments.

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