listr2 currently supports both esm and cjs modules.

This comes with its own disadvantages.


  • We have to bundle two instances, which doubles our distribution size.
  • Community is moving to pure esm modules. sindresorhus who is the maintainer of many-core npm packages (cheers!) has to lead the movement with the deprecated node.js 10 support. You can read more about here in his post.
  • Due to this compatibility issue we can not update the dependencies that are pure esm.

What is next?

At some point, the support for cjs will be dropped in favor of keeping the dependencies up-to-date. This will of course be done through a major release. But currently also taking in hand my situation, I do want to keep cjs for the time being since I do also use this utility in the packages that will not have the esm capability soon.

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