For testing purposes you can use the verbose renderer by passing in the option of { renderer: 'verbose' }. This will generate text-based and linear output which is required for testing.

If you want to change the logger of the verbose renderer you can do that by passing a class implementing Logger class which is exported from the index and passing it through as a renderer option with { renderer: 'verbose', rendererOptions: { logger: MyLoggerClass } }.

The verbose renderer will always output predicted output with no fancy features.

Task Started[STARTED] ${TASK TITLE ?? 'Task without title.'}
Task Failure[FAILED] ${TASK TITLE ?? 'Task without title.'}
Task Skipped[SKIPPED] ${SKIP MESSAGE ?? TASK TITLE ?? 'Task without title.'}
Task Successful[SUCCESS] ${TASK TITLE ?? 'Task without title.'}
Spit Output[DATA] ${TASK OUTPUT}
Title Change[TITLE] ${NEW TITLE}
Rollback[ROLLBACK] ${TASK TITLE ?? 'Task without title.'}
Retry[RETRYING] ${TASK TITLE ?? 'Task without title.'}
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